Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NSV for Me!

I had an NSV (Non Scale Victory for you skinny readers) yesterday. I went to the fridge to make a tuna sandwich and I noticed the mayo had expired. (taking deep breaths as I fight back the tears of happiness)

Now, that may not be cause for a ticker tape parade in most households, but it is in mine. You see this was a 48oz Kirkland Mayo from Costco. The size a normal family would use. And it expired on Jan 30th. It expired with about a cup of mayo still in the jar. RIP.

Still don't get it?

Last year, and for however long before that. . . every six weeks I was buying two (count 'em TWO) of Costco's restaurant size, one gallon, keg o'mayos. Buying it AND eating it. Tuna, potatoes, pasta. . .they were just conduits to get mayo into my body. Expired? Never would have happened. In fact, Costco is lucky I didn't start eating it in the store as I shopped!

Yes, my name is Leanna and I was a mayo-holic. (Gee, maybe I needed to go to the MAYO Clinic)

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