Monday, November 13, 2017

I Heart Casseroles!

Yep, I confess - I love a good casserole! Nothing beats a casserole for a fast, easy, one dish meal that usually freezes well and most of the time tastes better on the second day.

On Instagram I recently I saw a post by the fabulous food blogger Emily @recipestonourish for her Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole. It sounded fabulous and I couldn't wait to make it. It is probably one of the few casseroles I've seen that does not use "Cream of Whatever" soup as a base. We have a pantry full of fat free cream of chicken soup but I was lacking one of the main ingredients needed to make this recipe. Emily uses yogurt and whole milk cottage cheese to make her casserole creamy. We always have plain yogurt in the fridge to use as a replacement for sour cream. However, you will never find cottage cheese at my house. I loathe the stuff and jokingly refer to it as curdled cow barf. Yuck.

What I did have in my fridge was ricotta cheese left over from making lasagna. Winner! See Emily's original recipe at her blog Recipes to Nourish.

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