Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jimbo's Good Times Grill

Remember The Vine on the north side of Main Street in East Mesa? Remember those fabulous wings and fun afternoons watching the sports or playing trivia? Remember how awful the food and service became before it finally shut down for good? Yeah, I though so.

Well guess what? All your favorite dishes and the fun atmosphere are back without any of the problems of the past. Jimbo's Good Times Grill is located in the same space The Vine once occupied just past Walgreens. The decor is fresh and new but the same old favorites (and some news ones!) are on the menu. The wings, the burgers, the apps - it's all there. Jim was the manager of The Vine back in the good old days before it's decline and he's brought things back to they way they should be.

You'll notice the difference as soon as you step foot in the door. No surly teenager to seat you. Everyone is super friendly and genuinely invested in making sure you have a great experience. Don't be surprised if Jim himself shows up at your table to ask if everything is okay.

As for the menu, the old favorites from The Vine are back and Jimbo's has all the classic pub dishes. Although I was so excited to taste those Maple BBQ Wings again, let's face it - as a recent heart surgery survivor they are not exactly recommended for a cardiac diet. It's difficult for me to find healthy and tasty foods when eating out. Not here - Jimbo's offers a Bulid Your Own Burger or Chicken. I can get a chicken breast on wheat and I can chose healthy toppings and sides to go with it. Just what the doctor ordered. You can eat healthy or go with the classic pub food. It's all good!

Wings are sold by the pound rather than the dozen. This is a great idea. We've all felt stiffed at one time or another when you go out and order a dozen wings and you get 12 teeny wing tips for your money. For an extra dollar a pound you can choose all wings or all drums if you prefer. You can even get them grilled. It seems to be all about letting the customer make the choices here. How refreshing!

We are so thrilled that Jim took the risk in this rotten economy and opened Jimbo's Good Times Grill . The gamble seems to be paying off. The place is a bonafide hit with the locals and the winter visitors and we see lots of happy patrons each time we visit. And we have our favorite restaurant back!

Jimbo's Good Times Grill 6102 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 480-924-3800

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