Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Small Step Towards Lean and Green

I learned about Sigg bottles in September 2007, when Melissa posted about her Siggs. These alternatives to "throw away" plastic water bottles are environmentally friendly and built to last, but they are still beautiful. Each one is a portable work of art.

I thought about how many plastic water bottles I throw away in a year and I decided to make the switch to Sigg. In 2008 DH and I decided we're going to try watching the waste as well as the waist, so I was able to combine the two with my Sigg purchase. The Sigg Azure Circles bottle was my reward for losing my first 15lbs. My next step is to knit a fabulous cover for it!


Buffalo Gal said...

First of all, congrats on the 15 pounds!

Secondly, dear heart, why are you knitting covers for a ... water bottle? Me confused.

Leanna said...

Ah! Because I like my water ice cold and a cover will absorb the condensation. (and because I have a lovely cotton yarn in varegated blues that will look fabulous with the colors on the Sigg!)