Monday, January 21, 2008

Note To Martha

The February 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living just arrived and doesn't disappoint. The Homekeeping item this month is a list of Tools Of the Trade (page 90). Author Kimberly Fusaro lists all my "must haves", such as Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, micro-fiber cloths and vinegar. However - she missed my favorite tool of all - my Shh-Mop from The Clean Team.

The Shh-Mop consists of a padded handle attached to an 8x15" pivoting base with a washable terry cloth cover. Simply wet the cover, stretch it over the base and start cleaning. When you're done, the cover can be washed with your towels or jeans.

I love my Shh-Mop and it's also great on walls, ceilings and windows. Our guest room window is behind a very large and thorny bougainvillea. The Shh-Mop is the only way to clean that window without looking like you got into a fight with one of the cats.

The Shh-Mop is well made and built to last. And best of all, unlike with a Swiffer, you're not throwing away wipes or empty bottles of chemical cleaning solutions. What could be better? (OK, yeah, a housekeeper.)

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